PYROPET / (The Devil's Pet)
PyroPet - Kisa
(The Devil's Pet)

Product Design
  • PyroPet - Kisa
    (The Devil's Pet)
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    Sweet little kittens are transformed in a fire. Crawling from the ashes come forth grinning metallic devils with sharp claws and fire blazing in their eyes.
    Materials: candlewax, candlewick, aluminium.
    Dimensions: 6.7 x  2.9 x 4.5 inches  (17 x 7.5 x  11.5 cm)
    Each candle should have a burning time of approximately 20 hours.
    Photos by: Glamour Et Cetera,
    Update on July 8th 2014:
    First production batch is now sold out from our webshop but we are shipping Kisa’s to retailers around the world. We will post updates here as they become available in different shops.
    For now, Kisa is now available in these online shops:
    Firebox (UK based, worldwide shipping):
    Uncommon Goods (US based, worldwide shipping):
    The candles will be available again on our website in October. If you would like to be notified when they will be available to order on our website or in a shop near you, please sign up on our mailing list:
    If you are a retailer and would like to sell Kisa in your shop, then please drop us an email at: We look foward to hearing from you!